Xmas 2017 – Best Gifts For Movie Lovers

I woke up this morning to find a fluffy blanket of snow on the ground (as well as my car, which I forgot to put in the garage last night). It certainly put me in the spirit to start thinking about Christmas (as opposed to when department stores put out their decorations after Halloween). So, with that in mind, I thought it relevant to start listing some of the items I would definitely love to find under the tree on Christmas morn. First up: my picks for movie lovers around the world. Enjoy.

The Iron Giant: Signature Edition Ultimate Collector’s Edition: man, do I love this animated film. It is definitely one of my desert island picks. A classic, must-see movie.
The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki: I’ve seen a few of his movies, but I don’t own any of them and would love to introduce my kids to these classics.

Firefly 15th Anniversary Complete Series: yes, I already own this on DVD (as every respectable browncoat should), but I’m a sucker for repackaged anniversary editions. And this short-lived but sorely missed TV series is one I will love till the end of days.

The Art of Mondo (just like it says on the cover): I love beautiful movie posters, but it seems like studio marketing geniuses have been less than inspired of late when trying to sell their latest films. Mondo artists to the rescue! This gorgeous coffee table book features some of the most inspired alternative one sheets by a variety of very talented artists. And I know I’m getting this ’cause I’ve been extra good this year (and I ordered it for myself).

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