Wicked Webcomics: Lackadaisy

Comics featuring cute little animals often tend to be dismissed as kid fare. But this prejudiced pigeonholing of anthropomorphic stories is a tragedy because so many great books aimed at more mature audiences use this storytelling technique. One only has to read such classics as Blacksad and Maus to discover that this creative choice does not instantly render a comic juvenile. Lackadaisy is another prime example.

Despite the “cute” little kittens, this webcomic couldn’t be more suited to an adult audience. This hardboiled illustrated story takes place in St. Louis, circa 1927, and centers around the Lackadaisy, a speakeasy run by organized crime during the American prohibition. I ask you, what could be more grown-up than crime? So do yourself a favor and read Tracy J. Butler’s Lackadaisyone of the most gorgeous webcomics out in the ‘verse.

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