Wicked Webcomics: Dream Life – A late coming of age

Dream Life – A late coming of age is a fantastical slice-of-life webcomic created by Canadian cartoonist and writer Salgood Sam.

The author describes his comic as “the story of five friends, Charlie, Lionel, Lucy, PJ, and Dan, each coming to terms with lives unplanned and in danger of going off the rails”. But this brief synopsis doesn’t come close to hinting at its Lynchian narrative (i.e. you have no clue as to what’s going on, but you know it’s genius). The story begins with a dream sequence right out of a Terrence Malick film and doesn’t let up for a minute.

Do yourself a favor and clickety-clack the link to this mind-blowing webcomic to discover an amazing talent in comicdom.

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