Vintage Original Star Trek Art Prints

These beautiful vintage prints for the original Star Trek series boldly go in the home of every Trekkie in the universe.


Arena – Season 1, Episode 18 (19 Jan. 1967) : for bringing hostility into their solar system, a superior alien race pits Captain Kirk in single combat against the murderous reptilian captain of an alien ship he was pursuing.

The city on the edge of foreverThe city on the edge of forever -Season 1, Episode 28 (6 Apr. 1967) : when a temporarily maddened Dr. McCoy alters history and eliminates his time, Kirk and Spock follow him to prevent it, but the price to do so is high. One of my all-time favorites.

The trouble with tribblesThe trouble with tribbles – Season 2, Episode 15 (29 Dec. 1967) : to protect a space station with a vital grain shipment, Kirk must deal with Federation bureaucrats, a Klingon battle cruiser and a peddler who sells furry, purring, hungry little creatures as pets.

The immunity syndrome

The immunity syndrome – Season 2, Episode 18 (19 Jan. 1968) : the Enterprise encounters a gigantic energy draining space organism that threatens the galaxy.

The way to EdenThe way to Eden – Season 3, Episode 20 (21 Feb. 1969) : a group of idealistic hippies, led by an irrational leader, come aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Groovy.

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