Tron – Uprising : the animated series

The good news : the Disney XD network has launched a new Tron series. The bad news : nobody seems to be watching it. Consequently, the suits will most likely pull the plug on this sci-fi animated series unless more people tune-in. Reports in the media are already announcing that Tron : Uprising will not be renewed for a second season. That’s a real shame because, had I known about this amazing looking episodic adventure, I would have given this show a look-see a lot sooner. After all, the original 1982 movie holds a special place in my cinematic pantheon (it’s a clear nostalgia pick for me).

So do yourself a favour and take a look at these two videos and, if you like what you see, find this little gem and give it some love. But you better hurry before it’s too late.

TRON- Uprising Trailer

JT Remix of Joseph Trapanese’s ‘Lightbike Battle’ from the Tron: Uprising soundtrack

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