The New Adventures of Tintin

A lot more Americans know who Tintin is since the release of Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin in 2011. But as a French Canadian who has spent most of his life living in Quebec, I have read the exploits of Hergé’s creation since about the age of seven. Forty some years later, I still enjoy these timeless classics and am now introducing them to my son and daughter.

My only regret regarding this quintessential comic book is that no new titles will ever get published. It is my fondest wish that this series be resurrected in capable hands so that we may, once again, marvel at the globetrotting adventures of this intrepid reporter and his loyal companions.

The nature of these further exploits are left to each person’s imagination. But I could definitely get behind new tales that incorporate Lovecraftian supernatural elements. One only has to marvel at these made-up covers to contemplate the exiting possibilities.

In the meantime, I beseech you to seek out the existing volumes of The Adventures of Tintin and (re)read these beloved stories.

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