“The Wolverine” Promo Poster

To this day, Wolverine remains my favorite member of the X-Men. And he seems to have a lot of fans because he’s been in almost every Marvel team-up since his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181. But to me, he’ll always be the uncanny berserker from Xavier’s school for the gifted.

Hugh Jackman has portrayed this Canadian bad-ass in several movies and, while I believe he is tailor-made for the role, I feel that he’s never been given a script that fully mines the potential of this character, one he could really sink his ademantium claws into.

But there is hope. Next summer’s “The Wolverine” promises to be closer to the mark (one can only hope). And if this promotional poster is anything to go by, I think we could be in for quite a ride.

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