The Geek Likes! The Philip DeFranco Show

The main reason I produce this blog is to share my love of stories and to promote their creators, as well as the people who sing their praises. My ambition is not to put out another news web site about comics or movies. That would be redundant as there are several excellent sites that already do this way better than I ever could (see my listing at the bottom of the page).

Furthermore, I certainly don’t aspire to become as huge as some of my favorite sources of geeky goodness  (again, see list below). I just want to tell others about the stuff I love. I guess you could say this is my public geek treasure trove.

That being said, I have a great amount of respect for those that have succeeded in achieving notoriety simply by sharing their passion with others. It may not have been their intention at the start, but their hard work and dedication has, in some cases, made them “celebrities” in their own right.

Case in point : Mr. Philip DeFranco, otherwise know as PhilliD.

I can’t remember exactly how I happened upon this opinionated comic (as in droll) blogger, but the first thing that struck me about his “news” show was how fun it is. As stated in his mission statement, PhilliD just talks about things that mattered to him throughout the day, which could be anything really. But after having watched a selection of the 936 recorded shows to date, I have noticed a pattern. For instance, Mr. DeFranco is a staunch critique of abuse of any kind; he also loves to find and praise excellence; and he loves the ladies.

And his brand of journalism has caught on like wildfire. The Nation (people who follow him online) is comprised of over 2 million avid fans and his videos has garnered close to 1 billion views! You can’t argue with success. But don’t simply take my word for it. Here is a taste of The Philip DeFranco Show for your viewing pleasure.

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