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The title to this post is kind of misleading. You see, I’ve never attended a comic book convention in my life (I bow my head in shame). I know, right?! How can I respectfully call myself a geek if I’ve never been to the Mecca of Comicdom?

This is an oversight I aim to correct in 2013. Why in 2013 you ask? Well, you see, it’s the year I turn 50. Normally, I wouldn’t care how “young” I was getting, but turning half a century old puts things in perspective and forces you to reevaluate your life (I know it’s a cliché, but there you are).

Part of my assessment entails making a list of things I wish I had done but never got around to accomplishing (i.e. my bucket list). These items need not (all) be ambitious and grandiose, like starting my own business or creating a foundation to save the world. They can and should also allow for small indulgences. And one that’s been on top of my to do list for quite some time has been to attend a comicon.

I’ve been experiencing them vicariously for years by watching the amusing and always entertaining convention video podcasts produced by iFanboy, but no more. Next year, I aim to give myself the best birthday present ever : a three day pass to the show.

But there’s the rub; which one to attend? Should I pull all the stops and go to one of the most prestigious cons (ex. New York) or should I start smaller and catch a local event (i.e. Montreal or Toronto in Canada). Time and money are both important factors that will ultimately influence my decision, but I just want my first experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Then, and only then, will I be able to truly call myself a geek.

P.S. For anyone out there also seeking to attend their first comic book convention (or for any seasoned pros who just want to be entertained for that matter), here are some great references :

1. An amazing iFanboy episode #131 where Ron, Josh and Conor give us the benefit of their extensive experience attending countless cons.

2. Comic-Con Episode IV : A Fan’s Hope is a must-see documentary that is deeply respectful of the innumer-able fans who attend the granddaddy of them all : the San Diego Comicon.

P.P.S. Woohoo! This is my 100th post! More to come from The Geek Likes!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the posts you enjoy. And if you have any sugges-tions on subjects I should include in my modest blog, feel free to make your pitch. I’m always looking for new and interesting things to share with you.

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  1. Ryan Kopf says:

    Hey Roger, have you considered adding a link to to your list of comic conventions lists or possibly your cosplay links. We’ve got a ton of cons listed and a ton of pictures too. :)

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