Best Comics: Between Gears

Our formative years spent in academic institutions offer the opportunity to undergo experiences that give us purpose and direction. We might not feel that way at the time since we are too busy meeting deadlines and cramming for exams. But these institutions play a big part in shaping the foundation of our lives. Of course, we often leave these establishments with more questions than answers, the biggest one being : “What now?”.

This point is highly emphasized throughout Natalie Nourigat’s delightful memoir of her last year at the University of Oregon. As the end of her final term nears, the author is confronted with multiple offers, each providing its own possibilities and challenges. Her friends and family advise her as best they can but, in the end, only Natalie can decide which road she will travel.

For me, the appeal of this very personal graphic memoir does not reside solely in the journey our heroin undertakes to discover herself. What makes Natalie’s story so compelling is the emphasis she places on the day-to-day “trivial” events that shape her life. 

So clear your schedule, find your happy-place and get to know Natalie. You’ll be glad you did.

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