Remakes & Reboots : Psycho

I can just here the pitch now : “Wait, wait, I’ve got this great idea! Let’s take a Classic (with a capital “C”) horror movie, throw a bunch of money and talent at it, and redo it shot for shot. Isn’t that the greatest idea you ever heard?” (insert dramatic pause and heavy sigh)¬†Frankly, no.

What were they thinking (or smoking for that matter)?! Who would, in their right mind, think that this was a winning idea, let alone a money-making one? Well a bunch of people obviously did, because it got produced and distributed (and then ignored).

In the pantheon of horror movies, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho stands tall. And if ever Gus Van Sant’s¬†carbon copy ever worked up the nerve to visit said pantheon, I hope that the original would simply crush it under its boot.

My point is this : if your going to dust off and spruce up a film, you can start with the basic premise, but you should have an original take on it. A prime example would be John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing. Now that’s how you do it. This, however, gets my vote for most unnecessary remake ever!

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