Layered “The Thing” Movie Poster by David Graham

David Graham’s beautifully layered alternative movie poster for John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi horror movie THE THING perfectly captures how the titular creature was always lurking beneath the surface. Very eerie (but in a good way).

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Superhero Toy Story Parody By Nerdist

This fun Toy Storiesque parody from Nerdist demonstrates how petty DC and Marvel superhero figures can be when left to their own devices. Power has its privileges (I guess).

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DC Superhero Trinity by Paul Ainsworth

I simply love Paul Ainsworth’s cartoony art style. His brilliant designs of DC’s superhero trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) strikes the perfect balance between “serious” renditions and caricatural interpretations of these iconic characters. Nice.

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Smiley Wonder Woman Poster by Rio Burton

I don’t remember much about Batman v Superman, but I’ll never forget the smile on Gal Gadot’s face after Doomsday clocks Wonder Woman during the final battle. I think that Rio Burton perfectly captures her joie de vivre in this wonderful print.

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DC Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman Trailer

I just saw Wonder Woman yesterday afternoon and I’m still giddy from the experience, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot more posts dedicated to this kick-ass Amazonian princess in the next few days. Plus, there’s no denying that her Funko figure looks really fun in this DC Legion of Collectors ad. Enjoy.

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