My Top 5: Time Travel Movies

Ah…If only I could go back in time with the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired to date. I could rectify so many of the bonehead mistakes that I’ve made (and then proceed to generate a whole heap of new ones!).

Time travel is a tried and true device in science-fiction. It allows writers and directors to put characters in unusual settings and situations (the “Fish out of water” scenario) in order that they may change events that have happened or influence the end result of future outcomes. Of course, the repercussion of such foolhardy endeavours are never as hoped and have a nasty tendency of making matters worse in most cases. But one thing’s for sure, it makes for great entertainment.

There are a lot of exceptional movies and TV episodes to choose from and these are some of my favorites :

5. Planet of the apes (1968)  The actors playing the principle ape characters are astounding. And they do an amazing job at portraying emotions despite the heavy make-up. But one thing that makes this classic sci-fi movie stand out is its memorable and iconic twist ending. To paraphrase Charlton Heston’s famous line : “Get your stinking paws on this movie, you damned dirty apes!”.

4. The Terminator I know, I know. I’ve already talked about this movie in my post entitled I’ll be back…again. But can I help it if I have a man crush on Arnold? This is the role he was born to play : a robot that shows no emotions and utters very few lines (an asset in this case), taking names (“Are you Sarah Connor?”) and kicking ass (lots and lots of ass). What could be better?

3. Star Trek (2009) I had given up on this franchise. I adore the original series, I like some episodes of TNG, but I can’t stand any of the other series. I like the first two movies and found the fourth amusing, but don’t get me started on The Final Frontier. And then J.J. Abrams came along and made everything better. This movie manages to pay homage to it’s source material while being fresh and original. A winner.

2. Primer I’m not sure I could explain the movie if I tried. I have seen it once and would need to revisit it several more times to fully appreciate the complexity of it’s plot. This highly original time travel puzzler was made on a shoe string budget (7 000$!), which goes to prove that the quality of a film is not dependant on how much money you throw at it (I’m looking at you Lucas).

1. Back to the future It’s hard to believe that half the movie was shot with Eric Stoltz in the lead role before the producers and the director decided to switch actors. And they couldn’t have made a better choice than with Michael J. Fox. His brilliant performance as Marty McFly elevates this film to comedic perfection. And the rest, as they say, is history. A classic.

Honorable mentions : Donnie Darko, Star Trek (original TV series) : The City on the Edge of Tomorrow, Time after time, The Time Machine (1960), Twelve Monkeys, Les Visiteurs

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