My Top 5: Scariest Movie Scenes

Halloween is just upon us, so I thought it befitting to explore the dark recesses of my mind and come up with My Top 5 Scariest Movie Scenes ever.

I understand that such a list will vary from person to person depending on the type of horror movies one prefers. For instance, you won’t find any scenes with gore or torture in my list (I guess my #3 pick could qualify, but it’s not Saw or Hostel). That genre just doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer psychological horror, where the real scares are all in your head.

Another characteristic that I look for in a chilling scene is the build-up, the suspense leading up to the moment where you jump out of your seat and run to mommy.  My #1 scene is a perfect example of this technique.

So without further ado, watch My Top 5 Scariest Movie Scenes, but make sure you have the lights on and that you are not alone tonight. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5. Ringu That eye!

4. The Shining Come and play with us…forever!

3. Mysery Please Annie…don’t do it.

2. The Haunting (1963) It’s all in the mind.

1. The Exorcist III I literally jumped out of my seat when I first watched this scene.

Nighty night. Don’t let the monsters bite.

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