My Top 5: Favorite Things About Writing This Blog

Homer WoohooWelcome to my 500th blog entry!

When I started out in August 2011, I had a clear mission in mind, but only a vague notion about how to execute it. This explains, in part, why I had so few entries my first year. The other main reason was that I had to learn how to operate a website and use WordPress from scratch.

By September 2012, I had a little knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm : a dangerous combination. I knew that I had to generate a lot more content to become visible on the web, so I put on my thinking cap and started incorporating the categories you see in my menu today.

Although the learning curve has been steep, the experience of shaping The Geek Likes has been very rewarding. So to celebrate my 500th post, I thought it appropriate to list My Top 5 Favorite Things About Writing This Blog.

5. Discovering new sources of entertainment Writing this blog has encouraged me to seek original content related to geek culture. During this hunt for interesting material for my website, I discovered that the Internet has become a treasure-trove of quality programming. As a result, I now spend more time watching shows exclusively distributed on the web than I do sitting in front of my ‘idiot box’.

4. Finding really neat stuff  One of the most fascinating characteristic regarding web-based programs is their diversity. Unlike traditional TV line-ups that strive to appeal to a broad segment of the population, material produced for the internet crowd tends to be hyper-specialized. In my case, the search for geek culture content has resulted in finding very original and entertaining themed-based shows.

3. Discovering a new culture Sure, I’ve read a lot of comics, but that doesn’t automati-cally make me a lifetime member of the Geek Club. Researching material for this blog has given me a greater appreciation for the diversity of interests and level of dedication of people who consider themselves part of this great cultural community.

2. Sharing my passion with others More and more people are finding The Geek Likes, which is very encouraging. But what’s even more exciting is that these visitors come from all over the planet. This only proves to me that geeks are everywhere and that they are taking over the world.

1. Writing 500 more entries! This blog started out as a personal project and has now turned into my favorite pastime. I love what it has become and can’t wait to see where this adventure in cyberspace will take me next. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

P.S. I thank each and every one of you who has visited my website and I encourage you to come back once in a while to see what’s new. Better yet, tell your friends about The Geek Likes!

P.P.S. I welcome any comments you may have on a particular post or about the site in general. And if you fancy any of my entries, please share them with your friends. Thanks!

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