More Christmas Wishes for 2012

You didn’t think I was done with my first list, did you? Here are some books that should definitely make their way under the tree this year.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

I own all the collection in softcovers, so the only reason for putting this on my list is because it’s a thing of beauty.




Rough Justice – Sketches by Alex Ross

My stick figures look nothing like Alex Ross’ amazing sketches. I’ll be savoring this art book in my comfy chair while sipping a good, strong cup of java on Christmas morn’.




Woodwork – The Art of Wallace Wook

I know nothing about this celebrated artist and I aim to remedy that by “asking” for this beautiful retrospective of the man’s career in comics.




Cover Run – The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes

I want this book because I hear the articles are really good. Honest!





Franzetta Sketchbook

I heard that this guy can draw. Just thought I’d check it out.






Tarzan – The Centennial Celebration

I’ve been a Tarzan fan ever since I could run around our back yard in my underwear (I was five years old!). And as an added bonus, Ron Ely, the actor who portrayed the Lord of the Jungle on TV when I was a kid, has written the forward. So it’s a no-brainer for me to include this book on my list.




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