Remakes & Reboots : Memento vs. Ghajini

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while know of my admiration for director Christopher Nolan. And despite the fact that he will have my everlasting devotion for resurrecting the Batman franchise after it had been pummelled to a pulp by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (ok, it’s Joel Schumacher), his Dark Knight trilogy is not my favorite movie in his filmogrophy. That honor is reserved for Memento.

For the initiated who have puzzled through this enigma shrouded in mystery (multiple times, I’m sure), this film needs no introduction. And for you cinematic aficionados that are lucky enough to not have seen this topsy-turvy thriller, let me tell you, it’s quite a ride. I will remain true to my mission statement and not give away any plot twists (in this case, it would be criminal). However, I will say that it’s unique structure and stupendous cast make this movie a must see.

Now imagine my utter amazement when I chanced upon a 2008 Indian remake entitled Ghajini. My initial reaction was one of amazement. Usually, it’s the other way around : international movies get remade into americanized versions. But this time, a product made in the good ol’ U.S.A. got the Bollywood treatment. It even has a bona fide dance sequence that doesn’t feel out of place in a taut suspense. And unlike some adaptations that attempt to recreate every scene and line of dialogue to a tee, this version stands on its own and is quite enjoyable. So seek it out.

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