Katy Perry Rocks Elmo’s World!

It all started with this very amusing and innocent video on Sesame Street.

Well, apparently it wasn’t above suspicion to everyone because this charming little ditty made some people really mad. And rightly so! I mean, how could Katy Perry shamelessly dare to show the world that she has ‘women parts’. Doesn’t she understand that she was corrupting the minds of children everywhere by playing dress-up? Naturally, concerned citizens piped up and succeeded in getting this diabolical music video banned from Sesame Street. This victory for intolerance and censorship got the attention of the media who are always on the look-out for important ‘news’ to report. Here is a sample

This type of negative attention could be devastating to the career of some performers. But instead of crawling under a rock, Katy Perry showed the world that she has a sense of Katy Perry Elmo Shirthumour…as well as ‘woman parts’. She didn’t shy away from this contentious issue; she embraced it!

I personally don’t understand this obsession Americans have with br**sts (darn censures!). Why are people so upset when they are exposed to a little bit (or a lot) of cleavage? What is it about this body part that gets people all riled up? Some women even use them to feed their children for crying out loud (but not in public, or else the people who got Katy banned will come after you too). More than half the population of the world has them (and I include some men in that list), so you’d think we’d be used to them by now.

Apparently not.

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