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What is iFanboy? It’s a place where people who love comics can meet and talk about their favorite books and creators. It’s a focus point to catch up on all the relevant news related to this industry. It’s a weekly review show of the latest published floppies and trades. But most of all, it’s a chance for three guys who are passionate about this storytelling medium to come together and share their enthusiasm with the rest of this geeky community.

In my youth, I used to walk (no, run) to the nearest corner store to get my weekly fix of candies and comics. Then, one day, I didn’t.

Jump to 1986. I chanced upon The Dark Knight Returns and I was hooked once more. Since then, I have become aware that the comic book industry had changed dramatically. The amount of monthly comics being produced has exploded, but the number of readers has decreased substantially. The number of stores carrying them is dwindling, but there are more and more avenues on-line to shop for comics. And you can now purchase them digitally and read them on a screen. So it’s fair to say that the distribution model of comics is changing once more.

One more thing that has changed is how the Internet has made it possible for people with a common interest to come together and form communities. And this brings me back to iFanboy. There are numerous podcasters on the Web and I’ve subscribed to quite a few of them over the years. But I have a special place in my heart for these three friends who have worked hard to built an “empire” focused solely on the wonderful world of comics. So my hat goes off to Conor, Ron and Josh, as well as the many amazing contributors behind the scene, for allowing me to discover so much more about this medium. Thank you.

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