DC Nation’s SBFF – Invisible Joy Ride

During my formative years in the 60s and early 70s, the superheroes I was exposed to were either larger than life or campy. That all changed with the publication of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Alan Moore’s Watchmen in 1986. Since then, all of DC and Marvel’s iconic characters have become darker, meaner, grittier; in a word : more human (ok, that’s three words).

As much as I enjoy many of the great titles that have come out since then from The Big Two, I remember how much fun I had watching Adam West and Burt Ward beating up bad guys each week as Batman and Robin. I mean, come on! How ridiculous is it for grown ups to dress up in spandex and run around beating other guys and gals all done up for Halloween?

That’s why I love, love, love DC Nation’s shorts films. They bring back the fun in comics. Don’t believe me? Just watch this first clip featuring Wonder Woman’s sister (I never knew she has siblings), Supergirl and Batgirl and I dare you not to grin. I double dare you.

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