Crazy ‘Adventure Time’ Covers

When my 9-year-old daughter started watching this program, I didn’t know what to think. I was initially bewildered and disoriented, but upon viewing several episodes with my little princess, I began to understand the appeal behind Adventure Time. You see, its creators understand a simple fact that seems to elude most of the people producing the drivel that passes for kid’s entertainment these days, which is that stories should be imaginative. So don’t be put off if you see your kids tuning in to Adventure Time. Just sit down next to your wee ones and just enjoy the show.

OK, time to get off my soap box and present to you these three amazing covers from the comic book version of Adventure Time. I’m pretty sure the last one was drawn while the artist was tripping on acid. Cool.

Adventure Time #8 cover by Drew Weing

Adventure Time #8 variant cover by Phil McAndrew

Adventure Time #9 cover by Jon Vermilyea

Bonus Content Here is an interview with Adventure Time creator PenWard.



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