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Hulk’s Smashing Brazilian Vacation

I don’t know if Bruce Banner just happened to be on a Brazilian vacation in this Renault commercial, but it’s very fortuitous for this reckless driver. Continue reading

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More Spider-Man Web Shooter Mods

Here’s a fun little fan film by the good folks at Nukazooka that demonstrates further nifty iterations of Spider-Man’s web shooters. Continue reading

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Groovy Guardians of the Galaxy Disco Inferno

Come on people! It’s time to get your groove on with the Guardians of the Galaxy and friends. Continue reading

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HR Joe Assembles the Avengers & Friends

Here are some hilarious situational photographs by Edy Hardjo, showing toy figures of our favorite Marvel and DC characters doing some very unheroic activities. Continue reading

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Spectacular Spider-Man: Homecoming Art

In honor of Spider-Man: Homecoming, I present to you some amazing artistic renditions of this latest incarnation of our friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Continue reading

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