Busted Catwoman Cosplay

Catwoman original art by Adam HughesI stopped dressing in costumes when I no longer went trick-or-treating. And I don’t have any desire to wear anything but jeans and t-shirts when I’m not working (I’m such a party animal!). So I don’t really under-stand why anyone would spend so much time and effort in becoming their favorite comic book/movie/video game characters in their leisure time. 

Having said all that, I truly appreciate the skill and dedication that some people have when impersonating their preferred heroes or villains.

Take Meagan-Marie for instance. One only has to glance at her vast portfolio to under-stand that cosplaying is not just a pastime but a passion for this beautiful geek.

Catwoman, cosplayed by Meagan MarieCatwoman, cosplay by Meagan Marie

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