Best Comics: Thor, The Mighty Avenger

Thor the mighty avenger coverYou hear a lot of criticism in the comic book industry. One of these gripes underlines that there are not enough good all-ages stories (safe for kids and entertaining for adults). And when the stars align to bring us a quality book, no one reads it! This is theĀ unfortunateĀ fate that befell Thor : The Mighty Avenger.

This stand-alone adventure, originally intended to be a twelve-issue mini-series, was never completed. The creators and publisher finished eight chapters before they had to cease and desist due to poor sales numbers. Such a tragedy.

In a better (more just) world, this superb tale would have been discovered by more readers. But all is not lost! You can now pick up the ‘complete’ collection and marvel at what some would consider to be one of the best comic books to come out in a very long while. And who knows? If enough people discover this gem, maybe the band will get back together again to finish what they started. One can only hope.

P.S. If you want to know more about Thor : The Mighty Avenger, be sure to check out Conor Kilpatrick’s iFanboy Book of the Month review for February 2013.

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