Best Comics: Mind MGMT

Matt Kindt may not be a household name in the comic book industry, but he is definitely a creator every fan of the medium should get to know.

His artwork (see covers below for a taste) is immediately recognizable. His style is uniquely his own and there is no denying its originality. But even if his drawings are not to your cup of tea, you shouldn’t let that stop you from plunging into what might be one of the most engrossing storyline on the shelves today.

Furthermore, I urge you to read this comic in single issues. I usually wait for the trade myself, but the author has included some bonus content in each monthly offering that is essential to the story but will not be reproduced in the trade paperback (according to Mr. Kindt). So seek it out at you local comic book shop or get it online at DCBS. But whatever you do, don’t ignore this gem. Highly recommended.

Mind MGMT #1, 2, 3, and 6 covers by Matt Kindt

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