Best Comics: Matt Wagner’s Grendel

Grendel by James HarrenGrendelMatt Wagner’s magnum opus, celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2012. Thirty years! That’s quite an achievement.

This long running series starts out as the story of Hunter Rose, a successful and wealthy author that takes on the guise of a master assassin who eventually gains control of New York City’s organized crime syndicate. This course of action will bring him face-to-face with Argent, a several hundred year old Native American man-wolf cursed with a thirst for violence, as well as Batman himself. But this is only the first compelling chapter in a long and convoluted storyline that spans centuries.

Each episode builds on the earlier ones as the mantle of Grendel is first adopted by a family member, then a grieving loved one, an anarchic terrorist, a hegemonic world conqueror, and finally a cyborg. This is myth-building at its best.

As luck would have it, there’s never been a better time to read this comic book masterpiece as Dark Horse Comics is publishing the complete Grendel saga in four volumes, presenting the entire series in chronological order.

If you love imaginative tales with intriguing and complex characters, then I highly recommend that you give this incredible comic book series a try.

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