Best Comics: James Bond Comic Strip


I’m a HUGE James Bond fan (HUGE!). I’m emphasizing the HUGE part so you will understand how disappointed I was when I never got around to seeing the super spy’s latest adventure in theatres.

You can also imagine how excited I was when I got my hands on the newly released Blu-ray disc this afternoon. At the moment, I am fighting off the urge to just pop it in and watch it, but I need my beauty sleep or, in my case, my don’t-want-to-get-any-uglier sleep, so it’ll have to wait.

However, before I nod off for the night, I always like to read comics (what else?!). I especially enjoy serialized series for this occasion. And one of my all-time favorite collection is the James Bond comic strip that appeared in the British newspaper the Daily Express between 1958 and 1983.

James Bond Comic Strip

These illustrated adaptations of Ian Fleming’s masterpiece, reproduced by Titan Books, feature all the canonical stories, as well as several more obscure tales that may not be familiar to fans who have only watched the film franchise.

I highly urge all die-hard Bond enthusiasts to seek out these amazing compilations. After all, you only live once…or twice.


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