Best Comics: B.P.R.D.


What started out as a Hellboy offshoot has become one of my all-time favorite long-running comic book series.

The tale is as old as time : a team of remarkable “heroes” assemble to fight monsters (i.e. Buffy, Angel, the Avengers, to give but a few notable examples). But what makes this comic so outstanding is the originality and complexity of the rotating group of characters that make up theĀ Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

I’ve always preferred storylines where actions have consequences on the world created by the author, and where these same events have actual repercussions on its protagonists. These transformations might not always be pleasant for readers, but at least there is a forward momentum that keeps the stories fresh and interesting.

So if you are like-minded or are simply looking for a comic book with more meat on the bone, look no further than this highly recommended spectacular series.


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