Best Art Ever Featuring – Wonder Woman (folio #2)

I doubt that Mr. William Moulton Marston  could have anticipated how symbolic his comic book heroin would become for the feminist movement when he started publishing the adventures of Wonder Woman in 1941.

This image was further cemented in the minds of American women when this warrior princess was featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of Ms. magazine in 1972. Since it’s inception, this publication has aimed to promote serious issues concerning women’s rights. According to the magazine’s About page, “Ms. was the first U.S. magazine to feature prominent American women demanding the repeal of laws that criminalized abortion, the first to explain and advocate for the ERA, to rate presidential candidates on women’s issues, to put domestic violence and sexual harassment on the cover of a women’s magazine, to feature feminist protest of pornography, to commission and feature a national study on date rape, and to blow the whistle on the undue influence of advertising on magazine journalism”. Serious stuff.

So it’s no wonder that the publishers at Ms. Magazine chose Wonder Woman to grace the cover of their periodical not once but four times. And here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Ms Magazine 1972 Wonder Woman cover

Ms Magazine 1977 Wonder Woman cover

Ms Magazine 2007 Wonder Woman cover

Ms Magazine 2012 Wonder Woman cover

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