Best Art Ever Featuring – Catwoman

Catwoman is one of my favorite villains from Batman’s rogue gallery. Throughout the years, she has been portrayed as an outright criminal, an animal rights activist, as well as a love interest and sometimes partner in crime to The Dark Knight.

Michelle Pfeiffer played this feline femme fatale to very sensual results in Batman Returns (1992)(has it really been that long?). And the less said about the Halle Berry fiasco the better (Really?! She goes from Oscar winner to that?). It will be interesting to see Anne Hathaway’s take in Christopher Nolan’s final film of his Batman trilogy (he hasn’t failed us yet!).

So in order to wet our appetite for The Dark Knight Rises, here are some fantastic artistic renditions of this iconic leather clad burglar.

Catwoman by Cat Staggs

Catwoman Cover by Adam Hughes

Catwoman by Rafael Albuquerque

Catwoman by Rafael Albuquerque

Catwoman by Darwyn Cooke

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