Ultimate Match-Ups: Batman vs. Wolverine

Every geek has debated at one time or another the outcome of a battle between two superheros. This hot button issue has come up many times in comics (The Flash vs. Superman footrace), short animation films (Superman vs. Hulk), as well as podcasts (Entertainment Geekly’s Superhero Showdown).

So imagine my (lack) of surprise when my favorite new geek show, Super Power Beat Down, got on the bandwagon by pitting pop culture characters from comics, movies and video games one against the other.

This particular episode sees the hosts deliberate¬†whether Batman or Wolverine would come out on top in a no holds barred street fight. Now, normally I’d be all over this battle, but something about the actual live action confrontation disturbs me. I’ll let you be the judge, but be warned, this is not cartoon violence.

What did I tell you.¬†Personally, I’d rather watch more match ups like the one at the end of this Super Power Beat Down episode. Who wouldn’t?!

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