Artist Alley Featuring – Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta is, in my opinion, the best fantasy illustrator that ever lived. His name may not ring any bells for some of you, but everyone who has perused the fantasy/science-fiction section of their favorite book store will have come across his artwork. I have purchased many Conan and TarzanĀ paperback novels in my youth, based solely on the amazing Frazetta covers depicting hulking savages in the heat of battle or milky-fleshed maidens in dire need of rescuing. I can’t say that I remember much about the stories themselves, but I’ll certainly never forgot those masterful paintings. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.


P.S. This is but a pittance of the work this prodigious artist produced in his lifetime. If you are interested in viewing more great artwork by Frank Frazetta, I recommend you visitĀ The Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery and The Museum Syndicate Frank Frazetta Gallery. Enjoy.

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