As They Continue To Fall – An Apocalyptic Short

This fantastic apocalyptic short comes with a ton of cred. Directed by Nikhil Bhagat and written by C. Robert Cargill (the guy who penned Sinister and Marvel’s Doctor Strange), this proof of concept will hopefully develop into a much bigger story. Let us pray (or not).

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American Horror Story Hotel Makeup Tutorial

If you want to scare the bejesus out of the little trick-or-treaters that will be knocking at your door very soon, just follow Lex’s makeup tutorial to transform yourself into this charming creature from American Horror Story: Hotel (another show I will never watch by myself at night). Lovely (in a scream-like-a-little-girl kind of way).

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Magical Harry Potter Prints by Olly Moss

My wife and son are having a Harry Potter marathon at the moment (a yearly Halloween tradition now) and everyone in my family is excited about the latest entry in the Potter-verse coming out soon in theaters. So finding these wonderful prints by Olly Moss for the original franchise is kind of fortuitous (one could say magical).


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Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

With the upcoming convergence of Christmas and a new Star Wars movie (these are good times), what better gift for the coffee lover in your life than this R2-D2 Coffee Press from ThinkGeek. Now, if they could only come up with a BB8 Coffee Bean Grinder, the Force in the universe would be in balance. Make it so.

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DIY Cosplay Shop – Elektra Assassin

Here’s a costume suggestion for those still looking for the perfect Halloween getup. I just hope it’s warm where you live if your going trick or treating in this skimpy Elektra outfit.

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World War Nerf by Nukazooka

The boys at Nukazooka sure don’t mess around when the Nerf guns come out. Jeez.

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Freaky Ouija Spirit Board Makeup Tutorial

Madeyewlook gives off some serious Halloween vibes in this freaky Ouija spirit board makeup. She looks absolutely horrifying (in a good way). Enjoy.

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DIY Cosplay Shop – Teen Titans Robin

You know what? I’m going on record by saying that Robin doesn’t get the respect he deserves. And this AWE ME video proves that this DC character rocks. Enjoy.

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