My Life as a Background Slytherin – Third Trial

I love the Harry Potter franchise, but I’ve read and watched it so many times I’m kind of done with it. Then, I discovered this incredibly funny webcomic by Emily’s Cartoons called “My Life as a Background Slytherin” and it immediately pulled me back in the Potterverse. Who knew being in Slytherin could be so much fun? Enjoy.

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Breathtaking Book Sculptures by Guy Laramee

I love books. I especially love that the stories they contain can transport us to countless worlds while in the comfort of our favorite reading nook. Well, artist Guy Laramee has taken this imaginative journey to a whole new level by carving miniature landscapes out of old books, literally transforming these dusty pages into breathtaking panoramas. Enjoy.

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Batman V Superman by 89G

89G’s interpretation of these iconic DC characters are outstanding. Superman looks like he just came out of a starry moonlit sky and Batman straight out of a nightmare. Beautiful.

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Floppy Star Wars Imperial March

Some floppy drives and a lot of ingenuity is all it takes for MrSolidSnake745 to share his love of Star Wars with the world. March on Empire!

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Shiny Punisher Poster by BossLogic

This wonderful poster by BossLogic for Marvel’s The Punisher, as seen on Netflix, perfectly illustrates this vigilante’s power: lots and lots of ammo. Shiny.

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