Hulk’s Smashing Brazilian Vacation

I don’t know if Bruce Banner just happened to be on a Brazilian vacation in this Renault commercial, but it’s very fortuitous for this reckless driver (who keeps heading towards danger) that The Incredible Hulk was on hand to smash this satellite. 

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Star Wars : Lunch at the Death Star Cantina

We all know what goes on at the Mos Eisley cantina (Han shot first), but have you ever wondered how the other half lives a galaxy far, far away? Well, wonder no more and let the good folks at WDR show you (hint: it’s a lot more civilized, sort of).

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Cutest DC Trinity Ever!

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this DC trinity by Yale Stewart, featuring the usual suspects (aka Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman)? Enjoy.

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Cool Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Cube Molds

Whether you’re just chilling on the patio after a hard day’s work or celebrating your victory for winning the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, there’s no denying that you’ll want to keep your drinks frosty with these Millennium Falcon ice cubes. Very cool (pun intended).

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More Spider-Man Web Shooter Mods

If you thought you’d seen every iteration of Spider-Man’s web shooters in the latest (and greatest) movie featuring our friendly neighborhood wall crawler, then here’s a fun little fan film by the good folks at Nukazooka that demonstrates further nifty possibilities.

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