Super Gamer Builds – Star Wars Battlefront Stormtrooper and Rebel Commando Helmets

Watch the incredible artisans at AWE me’s Super-Gamer Builds as they construct these functional Battlefront Stormtrooper and Rebel Commando helmets for one of the luckiest Star Wars fan on the planet (and in galaxies far, far away).

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Delirious Nendoroid Deadpool Figure

These Nendoroid Deadpool figures are too cute to be taken seriously (until the Merc with the Mouth actually stabs you in the eye or chops off your head. Then it’s not so funny).

Deadpool Nendoroid figure - Thumbs up

Deadpool Nendoroid figure - Underwear

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Record Breaking Arkham Batman Cosplay

Julian Checkley Batman cosplay

Julian Checkley has set the Batman cosplay bar pretty high with his history-making, Arkham-inspired Dark Knight armour. He’s now part of the Guinness Book of World Records for having the greatest amount of working gadgets (23 in all) on a cosplay suit. Personally, I question the legitimacy of the Bat-Flask as an actual gadget (to my recollection, the Caped Crusader never drank on the job. Then again, maybe he should).

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Superman Concept Art for Genndy Tartakovsky Short


Many projects never see the light of day. The reasons for this and the merits of these unproduced works may vary, but there are times when we are made aware of a concept that is so exciting that it’s absence makes the world a little sadder.

One of these forgotten endeavors is a cancelled Superman animated short film by Genndy Tartakovsky (of Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls fame) for DC Nation, which included beautiful background artwork by artist Scott Wills.

There have been many representations of this iconic superhero, most memorably (to me, at least) in the Max Fleischer cartoons, and as interpreted by Christopher Reeve (he made me believe a man can fly). I like to think that this unrealized animated adventure could have been a worthy addition to this list. Sadly, we will never know.


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Fast & Furious Star Wars Lightsaber Battle

This fantastic mash-up by ImmersionVFX if for those of you who thought that the Fast & Furious franchise couldn’t get any crazier (or more fun). Enjoy.

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Badass Batman Leather Motorcycle Suit

If you are a huge Dark Knight geek and ride a powerful, mean-looking motorcycle (preferably painted black), then may I recommend you don this amazing Batman: Dawn of Justice leather suit by UD Replicas. Just make sure you’re the biggest badass in the room, just in case your “friends” decide to make fun of your choice of protective gear.

Batman Leather Motorcycle Suit by UD Replicas

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